Reference Documents

Documents related to the development, installation and use of RTAI.

Name  Updated
Board Benchmarks 02/04/2006
Find out which boards work well for hard realtime and which ones have problems.
RTAI 3.3 User Manual rev 0.2 05/04/2006
A new release of the official RTAI User Manual containing 2 new chapters: 3rd which covers how to work with the CVS and 5th which explains the schedulers. Chapther 4 has also some new tests described. Comments and suggestions are welcome. (by G.Racciu and P.Mantegazza)
RTAI 3.4 User Manual rev 0.3 10/04/2006
This release of the RTAI User Manual contains a new chapter (6) which covers the "Task creation and timers". In addition you will find several added subjects here and there plus some new parts covering the 3.4 release. Comments and suggestions are welcome. You can address them to gracciu(at) who is the offcial RTAI-doc mantainer.